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Reports today indicate that the White House may soon release 28 classified pages from the 9/11 Commission report, which officials say suggest potential Saudi involvement in the attacks on American soil.

John Kasich reacted to the news tonight in Fox News’ “America’s Town Hall,” broadcast live from Philadelphia.

“Get it all out there, they should,” said the Ohio governor.

“We don’t want to blow an intelligence operative out there, but I think that people want to know. I’m a believer in open, all the time – you can – except that you know, there are extenuating circumstances where you need to do something that’s in the public interest.”

If the report does in fact implicate Saudi officials, should that change the way we view our relationship with the kingdom? Bill Hemmer asked.

“Of course we should. We, I think, have been too easy on Saudi Arabia over the years,” Kasich answered.

The Ohio governor cited his experience on the Senate Armed Services Committee, saying that it taught him “how the world works.”

“You wanna talk to them, you gotta talk to them in private,” he advised. “Don’t go out there in front of cameras and beat them up publicly. Do it in a proper way … We can do it quietly, to get started.”

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