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Speaking at New Jersey’s Kean College in 1992, the Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a scathing rant on police misconduct that has left big questions in today’s political landscape.

“’I believe in offing the pigs.’ Well, they got pigs out here,” said Sharpton.

“You ain’t offed one of them. What I believe in, I do. Do what you believe in. Or shut up and admit you’ve lost your courage and your guts to stand up.”

Was Sharpton's speech inflammatory? Jesse Watters tracked down the Reverend at his National Action Network convention to get answers.

“Would you like to apologize for that?” asked the Watters’ World host.

“You don’t have footage saying that,” said Sharpton. “You had me where I said that a guy was talking about ‘offing pigs’ and I said, ‘you ain’t gonna do nothing,’ and I mocked him.”

“You said, ‘if you’re gonna talk about it, do it,’” Watters countered.

“Wait a minute. Now you’re changing what you’re saying,” Sharpton replied.

Watters offered up the transcript. "Facts are facts,” he said. 

“I don’t need the transcript. I know what I said,” said Sharpton. “We’ll see if you got enough guts to show that.”

“I’ll show the whole thing,” Watters answered.

Watters made good on that promise. Watch the entire exchange above, and be sure to keep up with his latest updates on Facebook and Twitter!

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