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What This Garbage Man Said to a Little Girl Completely Made Her Day

A group of Ohio police officers had just come from a funeral for a member of their own when they got a touching surprise from the woman waiting on their table.

The officers had just said goodbye to Columbus SWAT officer Steven Smith when they stopped off to get a bite at Red Robin in Polaris.

When it came time for the group of nine to get their $123 check, their server instead told them that the meal was on her.



“Officers, your bill is on me today,” wrote the server, Jessica Dunbar. “I can’t imagine the day you all have had, let alone what you go through every day.”

She ended the note saying, “#weseeyou,” and “#policelivesmatter.”

“It really touched all of our hearts,” Wellington Police Lt. Jeff Shelton told WCMH-TV.

Dunbar later said that she had “just wanted to do something nice.”

“You can’t put a dollar amount on making somebody happy,” she said.

Read more about this sweet story, here, and hear from Dunbar and Lt. Shelton in the Fox and Friends interview above. 

Dunbar, whose father is a retired police officer, said she just wanted to do something nice and make their day "just a little bit better."

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