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A video making the rounds online shows a security guard abruptly shutting down a middle school choir’s performance of the national anthem at New York’s 9/11 memorial.

North Carolina’s Waynesville Middle School Chorus says it had gotten verbal permission from another guard to sing.

But it wasn’t aware of memorial site rules, which state that all performers need a permit, Principal Trevor Putnam told Fox Carolina.

As soon as they found out, the students “immediately complied and apologized,” he said.

But the uncomfortable encounter, shown above, made some people wonder why the guard didn’t just allow the performance to carry on.

“I think that's terrible,” one man told WSOC-TV.

“We’re trying to instill on our youth the history of our country,” another viewer told the station. “So why stop them from singing our national anthem?"

“You can't sing the National Anthem. So sad this is happening everywhere,” wrote the user who posted the video on Facebook. “They sounded great.”

A spokesperson for the 9/11 memorial said they didn’t agree with the guard’s actions, and they are reviewing security practices with staff to prevent the same thing from happening again.

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