New Report: Prince Overdosed on Percocet on Plane After Concert

Just Take a Few Minutes and Watch Prince's Guitar Brilliance...

TMZ's Harvey Levin joined "The Kelly File" to report on the latest from their investigation of singer Prince's death.

Levin said that days before his death, following his last concert in Atlanta last week, Prince suffered a "life-threatening" overdose of the painkiller Percocet aboard the plane carrying him home to Minnesota.

"The situation was so dire," Levin said, that EMT's had to administer a save shot right at the airport.

They were able to revive him and took him to the hospital.

"That's when the doctor said 'Look, this guy is in bad shape and he needs to stay here for 24 hours,'" Levin said.

He said that Prince's people said he could only stay if he would be granted his own room. 

When the hospital said they couldn't do that, Levin said, "Prince's people said, 'We are out of here.'"

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