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Father Chops Off Hands of Teen Who Allegedly Raped His Baby Daughter

A Colorado college student spoke out exclusively on The Kelly File tonight, saying that he was suspended from Colorado State University-Pueblo for consensual sex with his girlfriend.

That student, Grant Neal, is now pursuing a federal lawsuit against the university and the Obama administration.

The lawsuit argues that guidance issued by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to universities discriminates against young men and denies them due process. 

The alleged victim even testified that she was not raped in this case.

Neal, a former football player at the school and aspiring orthopedic surgeon, had been dating an athletic trainer for the team.

After the two had consensual sex twice last October, a friend of the woman reported it to university authorities as a rape. 

The supposed victim testified that Neal was a "good guy" and not a "rapist." 

Despite that, Neal was eventually suspended for sexual misconduct for briefly having unprotected sex with the woman before she asked him to put on a condom.

The university said Neal could not return to school until after the woman graduates.

Trace Gallagher went over the full details of the case in the video above.

Megyn Kelly talked to Neal and his attorney, Andrew Miltenberg, who faulted the Obama administration for the policies leading to situations like this. 

"The Obama administration has forced colleges and universities across this country to rush to judgment against young men," he said. 

Kelly pointed out that in trying to help rape victims, the administration has "stuck its nose into college campuses" in unprecedented ways and "eliminated due process."

Neal said the accusation against him came about due to someone's "preconceived notions" about football players and rape.

Kelly asked Miltenberg how his client could have been suspended when both Neal and the alleged victim had no problem with the sexual encounters between them. 

"We have a non-party, non-witness who manages to have an entire university railroad one of the most promising young men any of us have met in a long time," he said, adding that Neal's life was "derailed."

Watch the full interview above.

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