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New polling from Indiana shows 41 percent of likely GOP primary voters supporting Donald Trump in the state's upcoming primary.

It also showed that about 25 percent of them could be convinced to change their mind, although Trump supporters are the least likely to do that.

Tonight on "Special Report," Charles Krauthammer outlined why the Indiana contest is critical for Ted Cruz.

He said Cruz is "having trouble explaining why...doesn't he pull out" after calling for Kasich to do the same thing, now that he joins the Ohio governor in being mathematically eliminated from winning on a first ballot at the national convention.

"He doesn't have a good answer."

Krauthammer said that Cruz is hoping to win in Indiana, making that his "new Wisconsin," and take that momentum into the California vote, "which is where everything is going to hinge."

"But we also have numbers on that, and they are devastating for Cruz," he said.

Shannon Bream noted that Trump current holds 49 percent of support in California, while Cruz holds 22 and Kasich has 20.

"That's a New York massacre," Krauthammer said.

Entertaining the idea that Trump comes up short in those states, Krauthammer said the frontrunner has an "easy solution" -- offer Kasich the position of running mate.

"The New York result, 61 percent for Trump, was so overwhelming that I think it had a psychological effect, where if nobody stops Trump in any of these states -- notably Indiana or somewhere on the West Coast -- it's going to be hard to see how he's denied the nomination."

Watch the commentary above.

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