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One of Donald Trump's biggest selling points to voters is that he's self-funding his campaign. 

But analysts say if he becomes the Republican nominee, he'll need a whopping $500 million or more if he hopes to defeat the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Fox Business Network contributor Anthony Scaramucci explained how that total was calculated on The Real Story.

He said that in 2012, each party spent around $1 billion each.

The maximum donation to the presidential trust, said Scaramucci, is $33,400, so Trump would need about 15,000 donors contributing the max amount.

Scaramucci said that he factored in Trump's wide appeal in concluding that Trump would only need to spend half of what Mitt Romney did. 

"He is a force of nature. He's got an unbelievable personality. He's got probably the best name-brand recognition. He's also a ratings machine. We know that," he explained, adding that Trump could always end up going over the billion.

Watch the segment above.

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