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Earlier today, the RNC Rules Committee decided not to make any changes to the guidelines for the Republican convention.

Donald Trump reacted in an exclusive "Hannity" interview, saying that problems in states like Colorado, Wyoming and Louisiana necessitate changes to the nominating process.

"I won Louisiana, got less delegates than people that lost, and it's ridiculous," he said. "And then you look at Colorado and Wyoming, where the people never got to vote....the people wanted to vote, they never got a chance to vote. It was given out by the bosses. So, that's no way to run a democracy and it's no way to run an election, that I can tell you."

Sean Hannity said that it's acceptable under the current rules to buy delegates plane tickets, hotel rooms and expensive dinners.

Trump said that it's not only troubling, but should be illegal.

"You could actually take a couple of hundred of million dollars and buy an election and never win a race, because all you have to do is take them out to dinner and send them to Paris, France for the evening. So, I would say, honestly, I think it's a disgrace and that this is not our system and this should not be the Republican Party. And I'm so proud of myself...you know, I exposed this. This was going on for a long time and it's now been exposed."

Trump said he thought that both Ted Cruz and John Kasich should drop out of the race, because neither one can win a majority of delegates before the convention, then came back to his message that "the whole system is rigged."

"The point is, the whole system is rigged. It’s a phony, crooked system, where people are allowed to buy delegates, people are allowed to buy hotel rooms with them and take them out to dinner and do whatever they have to do to get votes—that’s not democracy."

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