Trump: Jenner Can Use Whichever Bathroom She Chooses at Trump Tower

Cruz Rips ESPN: Schilling Fired for 'Obvious Point' on Transgender Bathroom Use

Charles Krauthammer said that Republicans in North Carolina's legislature are the ones who decided to make an issue out of transgender people and public bathrooms.

The topic has made it into the election, with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz trading jabs over a law requiring people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex appearing on their birth certificate.

Krauthammer called it "a solution in search of an issue."

"I mean, do we really have an epidemic of transgenders being evil in bathrooms across the country? I haven't heard of a single case."

He called it a "very small problem at the edges of other problems having to do with gender identity that's become national precisely because Republicans in North Carolina decided it was a problem."

Watch the full commentary above.

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