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Peters: Politicians 'Put Happiness of the Saudi Royal Family Above the Survivors of 9/11'

As President Obama met with leaders in Saudi Arabia today, tensions at home continue over a 9/11 bill seeking the right to sue the kingdom over their potential involvement in the attacks.

The government has yet to release 28 classified pages in the 9/11 Commission Report that “points a finger at Saudi Arabia,” Bob Graham, former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told Megyn Kelly last week.

Monica Gabrielle’s husband was killed in the attacks. She and other victims' families are now fighting to find out what really happened.

“We’ve been fighting for justice and accountability for 15 years,” said Gabrielle. “And we’ve been thwarted every step of the way, between the Bush administration, now the Obama administration, who ran on transparency and has managed to just keep things suppressed anyway.”

The proposed legislation “merely lifts the immunities” to bring Saudis into court, she added.

“It’s not a verdict of guilt – it just brings them into court. And the fact that my president and certain members of our government are thwarting that for us, it’s just unconscionable, and I’m disgusted to hear it and see it.”

Gabrielle also called out Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who was an ardent co-sponsor of the bill for years and “has recently come out and said he was not for it any longer.”

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