Trump: Hillary's 'Being Protected' by Democrats and 'Probably Won't Be' Indicted

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Following decisive wins in the New York primary, the stage is mostly set for a general election face-off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly said that he doesn't see a way for the GOP establishment to stop Trump, even if he doesn't have the 1,237 delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot.

"Simply put, Trump is so far ahead that Ted Cruz and John Kasich or any other Republican phantom simply doesn't have the constituency to take the nomination away from Trump. Any backroom dealings will be quickly exposed and will doom the Republican Party."

O'Reilly said that the developments of this election season have left him stunned.

"As I said last night, the two most shocking political stories in my lifetime are the assassination of President John Kennedy and the rise to political prominence of one Donald J. Trump."

History will record that this was an uprising, a movement of the people supporting a candidate who has absolutely no ties to the political establishment."

He said that Trump's supporters are "so angry" that they don't care about some of his more controversial statements.

"They simply want to hear his message stated in a blunt way."

O'Reilly concluded by saying both Trump and Clinton deserve credit for "entering a very tough arena and emerging victorious."

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