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This high school senior's prom fell a bit flat... but not in the way you might think!

Lexi Akerson was initially upset when she found out that her fiancé would not be able to attend her senior prom because he would be overseas serving in the U.S. Air Force.

But the student from Lawton, Michigan, came up with a unique solution so that her fiancé was still a part of the special night: She created a life-sized cutout of him.

Photos of Akerson posing and dancing with the cardboard cutout of Brandon Turner at Lawton High School's prom last weekend have quickly gone viral.

She told The Daily Mail that her friends found it "hilarious" when she arrived at formal event with her "date."

Turner has been serving in the Air Force as a civil engineer for two of the three years he and Akerson have been dating. He is currently stationed in England.

Akerson plans to move to England to be with him after her graduation next month, which he is able to attend, and they are getting married on June 2.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" report above.

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