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How would Donald Trump take on Hillary Clinton?

The GOP front-runner discussed his plan on The O’Reilly Factor tonight, saying he would not decide to go after the Clintons personally unless they did so first.

“There will be retaliation, unless it’s fair," he said. “If they treat me fairly, I’m gonna treat them very fairly.”

O’Reilly pointed out that Clinton has already branded Trump as “dangerous.”

“Is that enough to set you back, where you go after her personally?” the Factor host asked.

“Well, they would be lies, I mean if they said those things they would be lies, because that’s not true,” Trump responded.

He said Bernie Sanders “made a big mistake” by not criticizing Clinton for her private email server when he had the chance.

“I don’t think that’s playing dirty. I think the emails are a big part of her life story right now. You know, what she did is terrible,” said Trump.

The real estate mogul also said that he doesn’t think Clinton will be indicted, “because I think the Democrat Party is going to protect her.”

“I think that what she’s done is very, very serious,” he said. “I do believe, Bill, that she’s being protected, and therefore I think she probably won’t be.”

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