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A 4-year-old girl with cerebral palsy was having her wish granted at Disneyland Paris when her specially-adapted wheelchair was stolen.

Bailey Walters-Lawrence is about to have a life-changing surgery.

All she wanted was a chance to meet the princesses at Disneyland – a dream the Make-a-Wish Foundation helped come true.

When she and her family got home to England, however, “the shed had been broken into,” her mom, Shermel Walters-Lawrence, told The Sun newspaper. Her custom wheelchair was gone.

“I was disgusted because it's evidently a wheelchair, not a high street brand buggy,” said Walters-Lawrence.

To get a replacement, Bailey’s family later had to raise about £2,000 (US$2,879). Thankfully, they were able to do so successfully.

It’s not just any wheelchair, her mom explained to the BBC.

“It’s angled for Bailey, it’s got a hip guard for Bailey’s height and measurements, and it’s because she can’t walk for long distances, it’s essential for us to have days out.”

While Bailey’s family is now ready for her operation - using funds they also had to work to raise privately - they still have a ways to go. In order to pay for her aftercare, they need to raise about £25,000 (US$35,993), said Walters-Lawrence.

Learn more about their story, in the update below.


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