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Rush Limbaugh warned on his radio show that the Republican establishment is prepared to support Hillary Clinton in order to maintain power and stop Donald Trump or Ted Cruz from becoming president.

"The Republican establishment is prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton if it means holding onto their fiefdoms," Limbaugh said, adding that the party's "primary objective is self-preservation, not winning the White House" in 2016.

He went on to say that the mainstream members of the party do not believe the United States is "in crisis" and some have already openly said they would prefer Clinton over Trump or Cruz. 

Limbaugh also said some GOP'ers would like to see Ted Cruz become the nominee and lose to Clinton. 

"They’ll be able to blame the loss on conservatives and conservatism and be done — once and for all — with conservatism in the party," he argued. 

Watch the analysis from America's Newsroom above and let us know your take on Rush's comments. 

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