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The Fight for $15 has taken center stage ahead of the Democratic primary in New York, with protesters calling for the federal minimum wage to be raised to $15.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred on the subject at last week's contentious Brooklyn debate. 

Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder reacted on Fox Business Network this morning, arguing for a more modest increase. 

She warned about the fallout for the fast food chain if the $15 minimum wage goes into effect across the country. 

Bachelder said the company's challenge is being able to pay a "fair wage" while making sure owners of Popeyes franchises make a "fair profit" and guests are paying a "fair price."

"If the minimum wage were to move up as fast to $15, the only levers in the business are to raise prices for our guests and to lower hours for our employees and neither of those are good," she said. 

Bachelder said all three sides of the business can be served well with a more gradual increase.

Watch the full interview above.

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