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Outspoken former contestant of “The Apprentice” Omarosa Manigault went On the Record live in Times Square tonight with Greta Van Susteren to explain why she’s supporting Donald Trump.

“I think that Americans don’t get to know the real Donald Trump the way I have. I mean, truly the man, not just the soundbites that you hear,” said Manigault, who added that she has known the GOP candidate for 13 years.

Trump is expected to win his home state of New York in tonight’s presidential primary.

“Not only do I support him as a human being, who has incredible character and a great vision, but his policies affect my community, where I live in Los Angeles, and that’s really why I stand by him,” said Manigault.

The reality star, who is part of Trump’s newly formed so-called “National Diversity Coalition” of supporters, said that come November, she believes “there will be a head-to-head between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.”

“I think it's gonna be rough,” she said. “Because Donald Trump is scrappy, he’s tough, and he likes to win.”

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