Here's Your New York Primary Night Lineup on Fox News Channel

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Update, 7:30 pm ET: The majority of New York GOP voters say that the person with the most votes should get the nomination if no one picks up 1,237 delegates, according to Fox News exit polls.

Seventy-two percent of these voters say they would support that candidate, compared to 25 percent who say that delegates know best.

Another key finding? “Nobody seems to care who will actually be able to win in November,” said Martha MacCallum.

Only 8 percent of New York Republican voters say that that attribute is the most important to them, while 11 percent of New Yorkers on the Democratic side expressed the same sentiment.



Martha MacCallum delivered findings from the first round of Fox News exit polls tonight on America’s Election Headquarters, giving us an early sense of who voters are going for in New York’s presidential primaries.

On the Republican side, 64 percent of New York voters say they prefer the next president to be a political outsider, whereas 32 percent say they want their candidate to have political experience.

New York GOP voters also indicated how they feel about their choices on the ballot.


New York Democratic voters appear to feel better about the current 2016 campaign, said MacCallum.

She noted that 68 percent of Empire State Democrat voters say that their campaign has energized their party, while only 39 percent of Republican voters say the same of their side.


Bernie Sanders is also continuing to win over young voters, early numbers show.


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