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A Los Angeles mom was devastated when she thought her baby book for her 1-year-old daughter was gone forever.

It was three months ago when Tracy Cassella packed the scrapbook of baby Francesca’s sonogram photos, hospital bracelets and even a special congratulatory note from the White House to show her family across the country.

Before getting on the plane, however, she was asked last-minute to check in her carry-on, which also held her wedding album and a stuffed teddy bear Cassella has had since she was a baby.

She was later told the bag was lost.

“Why did I trust strangers with something so precious to me?” she told CBS L.A.

Now, three months after the January incident, something curious has happened: a mysterious woman showed up outside Cassella’s house on Saturday and left the baby book on her doorstep, she said.

She thinks the person may have tracked her down using the address on the White House envelope.

“I don’t know if somebody stole the whole entire carryon and then had a change of heart with at least the baby book and decided to return it,” she said.

But “I’m not mad,” Cassella added. “I’m grateful.”

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