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'She's the Devil': Webb Finds Out What Bernie Supporters Think of Hillary

Spike Lee’s new Bernie Sanders ad features leftist celebrities telling voters to "Wake Up."

The video, posted three days before the New York primary, argues that the Vermont senator is the best candidate to address racial inequality, social justice, minimum wage and other issues.

Greg Gutfeld said in tonight's monologue on "The Five" that "lefties love Bernie cause he's the leftiest. He makes Che look like Cheney."

He said that supporting Sanders has become a "status marker" and that the senator is the candidate equivalent of "the distressed, vintage dresser that costs more than your car."

"Sure, he's far from new, but you still pay a heavy price for his bad ideas."

Gutfeld added that supporting Sanders is "that expensive act of authenticity only rich people can afford."

"The stars can shout for free everything and no more jails, but it's only they who can endure the consequences. They don't live in high crime areas, and their income makes higher taxes a non-issue."

Watch the full monologue above.

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