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Public schools in Colorado are now being urged to remove all Native American mascots and other symbols on their campuses, unless they are specifically approved.

At last count, this applied to about 30 schools in the state, William La Jeunesse reported on America’s Newsroom.

“For any elected official, this is a political hot potato,” he said.

That’s why Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed a panel of Native Americans in schools to come up with a solution.

Karalee Kothe, who attends Eaton High School, spoke out against the use of Native American mascots in a radio interview.

“Native Americans were persecuted for so many years,” she said. “For us to have the nerve to continue having the mascot, I don’t know, it just hurts in the soul.”

“In most cases, it’s not the name that Native Americans find offensive, it’s how that mascot is depicted,” La Jeunesse reported.

The state’s new recommendation is to eliminate all American Indian mascots, imagery and names – unless a federally recognized tribe signs off on it.

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