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The other candidates should step aside if Donald Trump is close to getting the 1,237 delegates needed, Rudy Giuliani said on America’s Newsroom.

“Cruz, step back. Kasich, step back. And give him the extra 20 or 30 [votes],” said the former New York City mayor.

“Because if you don’t, you’re going against the will of 65 percent of the Republican Party, maybe 70 percent of the Republican Party.”

Carly Fiorina reacted to Giuliani’s remarks on Your World this afternoon, saying, “I love Rudy, but I’m shocked at this, because he’s so wrong.”

Fiorina, who has endorsed Ted Cruz for president, pushed back against the statistics Giuliani had cited, saying, “65 percent or 70 percent is united in their opposition to Donald Trump.”

“Rules exist to make things fair,” she said. “The 1,237 that they think is so unfair and so hard? For heaven’s sake, Mitt Romney did it. John McCain did it. George Bush did it. Everybody’s done it. Why can’t Donald Trump do it?”

The former GOP presidential candidate added that “this is typical whining from the Donald Trump campaign – and sadly, Rudy – when they’re not winning.”

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