Watters Chats Up Republican Elites at the New York Gala

Watters Quizzed Some People on Easter, 'The Day of Jesus' Birth'

In this tech-dominated era, is our younger generation losing a grip on American pop culture?

Jesse Watters hit New York City’s Time Square to find out what people know about some of our most beloved icons.

Watch the Watters’ World segment above, and read on to check out the funniest highlights!

"Do you know who this is?"



"What about this guy? Frank…"





"Backstreet Boys? No."

"Next one."


"I do not know who he is. He doesn’t look too happy though."

Actually most were able to identify MLK, but were a little unclear on what he did. 

"I have a dream. He did this big ol' movement ... to stop slavery."

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