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A local news station was filming at the moment an older man drove his vehicle right into rapidly rising floodwaters in the Houston area.

The KTRK reporter was on the scene as the man hung out of his car, reluctant to abandon it, and screamed for help.

"Leave the car! Swim!" reporter Steve Campion yelled back at the man. 

The man then pushed away from the sinking vehicle and swam over to Campion. 

Campion walked out into the water to make sure the older man made it out OK. 

Campion then asked the man if he was OK.

"I'm OK," the man responded, explaining that he didn't realize the water, near an overpass, was that deep. 

The man's vehicle quickly sank, highlighting how lucky he was to have made it out alive.

Watch the gripping video above and read more at KTRK.

See more on the Texas flooding, here.

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