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A landmark legal battle is taking stage at the Supreme Court today, where 26 states, led by Texas, are challenging President Obama’s executive order on immigration.

President Obama’s executive action would shield about 4 million illegal immigrants from deportation.



So far, lower courts have agreed with the states blocking the president’s action, Bill Hemmer reported.


Pundits say the ruling will play a role in redefining the reach of the American president.

States argue that the president doesn’t have the authority to change immigration law, while the president maintains he is acting within his scope.

Judge Napolitano weighed in on America’s Newsroom, saying that the president has “a weak argument” and has lost this battle before.

“Prosecutorial discretion – the right of the prosecutor, here the chief law enforcement officer, not to enforce a particular law – like ‘you’re here illegally, you should be deported,’ applies to individual cases, it doesn’t apply to groups,” Judge Napolitano explained.

“The president wants to apply it to 4 to 5 million people, right off the bat, without examining each one individually.”

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