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A gymnastics coach caught a female student in mid-air just before she crashed into the mat headfirst, and it was all caught on camera.

Captured during a warm-up at the 2016 Artistic Gymnastics Provincial Championships, the video shows a young competitor practicing her routine on the uneven bars.

Suddenly, she appears to lose her grip and goes flying.

Luckily, her coach, who has only been identified as Vitali, was there to save the day.

Just as it appeared the young girl was going to hit the mat headfirst, Vitali caught her and flipped them both over to protect her head and neck from the impact.

Gym Magic Gymnastics posted to their Facebook page, "Our amazing coach Vitali won an award at Provincials too for Best Catch Ever! We are thankful to have such great coaches at Gym Magic!"

Watch the amazing save above!

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