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Three 11-year-old Massachusetts boys who donned Donald Trump masks and performed as "The Dancing Donalds" were banned from entering a school talent show last week.

The trio performed a wordless, two-minute dance routine at Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley, Massachusetts, on the morning of April 13, wearing "yuge" Trump masks from an Internet vendor called Fathead.

The act drew at least one complaint to the principal, so a few hours before the official talent show that evening, the boys were given an ultimatum: Ditch the masks, or sit out the show.

The boys had to bow out of the performance.

"No words were spoken. It’s just pop culture. The skit took no stance in support or defamation," said Laurie Mattaliano, whose son is one-third of the trio.

She added that the nature of the complaint - whether it had come from someone offended on behalf of Trump or by him - was not made clear.

David Lussier, the school superintendent, declined to say who complained or why.

He said it's important for the school to be seen as nonpartisan in "a highly-charged election environment."

"We wanted to make sure that nothing we are doing would be perceived as biased in some way," Lussier said. "You’re not seeing Democratic candidates, certainly."

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