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Bill O’Reilly in tonight’s Talking Points Memo laid out what he called “the big lie of the 2016 campaign.”

That “lie” encompasses the millions of American voters who apparently buy into the belief that the federal government should be legally required to provide things like education, good jobs and financial security to the people, said the Factor host.

“That belief runs counter to how America was established in the late 18th century,” he pointed out. “It was entirely up to ‘we the people’ how we used those freedoms.”

Today, however, “the question of individual choice – the quest to succeed or fail on your own – has almost been obliterated by politicians and judges, who don’t respect the concept of competition and the struggle to prosper.”

Not only does this mean that they are “evolving away from how this country was established” – but “they are deceiving you, the American people, into believing that their success and well-being will be almost assured by a giant federal nanny state,” said O’Reilly.

“That’s absolutely impossible in a nation of nearly 320 million people.”

Do you agree? Watch more from The O’Reilly Factor above, and weigh in.

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