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Three teenagers in southern Indiana are facing charges after destroying a family business with construction vehicles during a midnight joyride.

"They were competing with each other to see how much destruction they could cause," said Paul Tinnell, whose family owns the property.

He said it was "amazing" that no one was hurt, considering it was the middle of the night and there were no lights. 

The teens were operating a bulldozer and a track-hoe that were on the lot and the noise woke up Tinnell after midnight Friday.

Tinnell said he doesn't know how the juveniles started the vehicles.

He said they used the bulldozer to tip over two tractor-trailers and the arm of the track-hoe destroyed a modular home. 

The teens took off when police officers arrived, but were collared quickly. 

They now may face felony charges, such as criminal mischief and trespassing. The prosecutor's office will decide the charges at a later date.

Watch the report above from America's Newsroom.

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