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SEE IT: Vet's Futile Attempt to Make VA Appointment Goes Viral

It’s been nearly two years since the VA scandal blew wide open and President Obama promised to “do right by our veterans.”

Now, a report shows that as of March 15, as many as 480,000 veterans were still waiting more than 30 days for a healthcare appointment.

Shea Wilkes, co-director of whistleblower group VA Truth Tellers, joined Fox and Friends Weekend to share more.

He said administrators still have “different ways” to manipulate the scheduling system to make it look like wait times are shorter than they are.

“It continues today,” said Wilkes.

“In a lot of times now, what we’re hearing across the country is supervisors are telling the schedulers to go in and mess around with those desired days to make them look like the veterans aren’t waiting.”

Wilkes said one way the VA does it is by meeting with veterans for “an educational appointment” within 21 days.

“You’ll go in, and they’ll have 50 to 60 veterans in there and they’ll talk to you a little bit for about 15 to 30 minutes.

And then you are considered being seen within 30 days after that, and they’ll turn around and they’ll make you an appointment again for another 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 days out.”

“Any numbers that come from the VA, you need to be very skeptical of those,” he added.

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