Carson Makes the Case for Getting Rid of the Electoral College

Lewandowski on Michelle Fields: 'I Would Be Happy to Have a Conversation' to Move On

“Ted Cruz will be mathematically eliminated from securing 1,237 delegates by next Tuesday,” says Corey Lewandowski.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager predicted in a Fox News Sunday exclusive that the Texas senator will come third in the upcoming New York primary, while “most likely Donald Trump is going to do very well in the delegate count.”

With the Northeast region coming up, Lewandowski said he believes “the best states for Donald Trump are in front of us.”

He went on to call out “everything that’s wrong with the party system,” saying that “Ted Cruz does well when party bosses get to set those rules and the people don’t get to go and vote.”

“In some places, those delegates are chosen based on how much money they’ve given to the party, whether they’ve run for statewide office, and how much volunteering they have done.

I understand that those are the rules, but there are people out there who don’t have the privilege of writing a check to the state party, or running for statewide office.

But their vote should count just the same.”

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