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On "America's Election HQ," Dr. Ben Carson made his case for doing away with the Electoral College.

The former 2016 Republican candidate said that the Electoral College made sense when it was originally put in place, when America was an agrarian society and "people didn't know what was going on" or who was even running.

But the situation has changed, Carson said, and the current system discourages voters from participating in states where one political party dominates.

"In some states, like California, you have basically negated the vote of a large group of people," Carson said. "They just say, 'What's the point in even going to vote? You find the same kind of thing in a place like New York. If you're a conservative, why even vote in a presidential election? Your vote's not going to count. You know it's going to go Democrat."

He said the system doesn't need to change completely, but there needs to be discussion about making it more fair.

"We need to get together and we need to talk about it. We need to say, 'How can we make this into a more fair system.' We can do that if we had the will to do it."

Watch the full interview above.

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