'Hannity' Preview: Cruz Says GOP Nominating Process 'Ain't Rocket Science'

Trump Defends 'New York Values' at GOP Gala

A number of attendees at last night's Republican gala in New York didn't seem very taken with Ted Cruz.

Video shows attendees milling about the room and conversing as the Texas senator delivered his stump speech.

A couple of audience members also remarked on how all the chatter and clatter drowned Cruz out.

Was the crowd deliberately disrespecting Cruz, or were they simply restless and hungry?

Cruz Campaign National Chairman Chad Sweet said on "Risk & Reward" that there was "no disrespect at all."

"At the end of the day, there were many in the audience who clapped and applauded at Senator Cruz's message."

Sweet said that one of the messages Cruz was trying to deliver was that the "liberal values of the 'Big Government' Democrats of New York have been taxing to death the hardworking men and women of that state."

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