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This story is bananas.

A California middle school teacher and multi-sport coach says he was fired for what he thought was a good deed.

Marine veteran Arnold Villalobos, who worked at Center Middle School outside Los Angeles, would collect uneaten fruit in the cafeteria and hand it out to student athletes and others after school.

He says that's when the school district asked him to stop, apparently because it violated state health codes. He says he complied, but they fired him anyway.

Now, students and parents are protesting and demanding that Villalobos be reinstated by the Azusa Unified School District.

On "Fox and Friends," Villalobos explained that three years ago, he started leaving a box in the cafeteria during lunch time, so that students could leave unwanted fruit that would otherwise be thrown away.

He said that he would then wash the fruit and distribute it to members of the student sports teams and others who wanted it.

Villalobos said he distributed all of the collected fruit at school and never took any home.

Despite immediately stopping the practice when the district told him to, Villalobos says he was placed on suspension. Then, at a meeting last week at district headquarters, he was informed he was being terminated.

He said he's been touched by students, parents and others speaking out on his behalf.

Right now, Villalobos said, he plans on taking a break, but whatever the future holds, he will be working with, coaching and mentoring kids.

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