It's #FlashbackFriday and #taxday is almost here, a reminder we need to destroy this disastrous tax code.

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Rand Paul may no longer be in the presidential race, but he's still speaking out against our country's "disastrous tax code."

With Tax Day rapidly approaching - Monday, April 18 - the Kentucky senator took to Instagram to post a "Flashback Friday" memory of his "How Would You Kill the Tax Code?" video.

Last July, Paul posted the video of him destroying the 70,000-page U.S. tax code with a match... and a wood chipper... and a chainsaw.

For good measure, the entire montage was set to a Jimi Hendrix-like version of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Instead of the massive tax code, Paul has proposed a one-page tax code, a one-page tax return and a flat tax of 14.5 percent.

Watch him kill the code below.

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