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In his "Talking Points" tonight, Bill O'Reilly spoke about the current Democrat party, and why the two candidates are running "very far-left campaigns."

"The Democrats are hoping to hold together a coalition of liberal Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and voters below the age of 30, who may not be as informed as they might be," he said.

O'Reilly said that the Democratic Party has changed its ways. Where they once fought for working Americans, O'Reilly said, they now "pander to big labor and social extremists."

He also weighed in on last night's debate, pointing out a moment where she "dodged" on a question about why she won't release transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs.

"Secretary Clinton does not want us to know what she said in her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs. Period."

He also outlined the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage, which was one of the most contentious moments of the debate.

Watch the full commentary above.

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