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Anna Kooiman talked to some voters this morning at a Staten Island, New York diner ahead of Tuesday's primaries. 

First, she spoke with Tammy, a retired phone company worker, and Anthony, a retired city worker.

Anthony said he's a registered Democrat, but explained that he made that choice 30 years ago and doesn't feel that the party represents him anymore.

"They've moved so far left. It's not the way it was. ... It shows you the sad state of the Democratic Party when your only two choices are a socialist and a corrupt criminal basically," he said, calling the Clinton email scandal "ridiculous."

He said he's leaning toward voting for Donald Trump. Another woman, a retired education worker, said she's "definitely" voting for Trump. 

"He's an honest, hard working businessman who understands the daily struggles of the American people. He's smart. He's not a thief, a liar or a cheat. ... He would be a fantastic president," Mary Lou said. 

Anna also talked to a local state assemblywoman, Nicole Malliotakis, who said the district is made up a lot of blue-collar civil workers, like teachers, police and firefighters, with a lot of retirees. 

The area was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy and she said that many residents have become fed-up with the federal government and bureaucracy.

Watch the chat above.

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