Watters Talks to Anti-Trump Protesters Outside the GOP Gala in New York

Gutfeld: 'Shallow' Pro-Bernie Protesters Give Apple a Pass on Outsourcing

Crowds of protesters gathered outside last night's Republican gala in New York City.

Fox News' David Webb confronted some of the demonstrators near the midtown Manhattan hotel where the event was held.

He asked them why they were there and why they opposed Donald Trump and the other GOP candidates.

The answers - or lack thereof - were revealing.

"They never give you a full answer," Webb explained on "Fox and Friends" this morning. "They can't tell you anything except 'racist, racist, xenophobic.'"

He said that the vast majority of the people he spoke to were "uninformed," and they could only reply to his questions with a brief, non-specific answer or an insult.

"They never even went to any of these candidates' websites and looked at [them] to be able to answer an intelligent question."

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