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A mother says that her 13-year-old son was left cross-eyed after being attacked by fellow students, and she's questioning how school officials handled the situation.

Amanda Anderson, whose son Dustin Johnson is a seventh-grader at Livingston Junior High in Livingston, Texas, told Fox 26 that Dustin woke up on March 29 seeing double and with blurred vision.

After questioning what happened to her son, Anderson says school officials eventually showed her video of Dustin being attacked by several classmates.

“They chased me around and when they caught me, they finally tackled me,” Dustin said. “I got back up, one of them body slammed me. I got back up, then they gave me shoves. Then they walked out.”

Anderson said that the video showed just that: her son being attacked by three boys.

She told Fox 26 that only one of the boys who attacked Dustin was punished, and he only received a two-day in-school suspension.

In a prepared statement, a Livingston Independent School District spokesperson said after a thorough investigation, the district handled the matter under the Livingston I.S.D. code of conduct.

The district claims that there are "profound inaccuracies" in Anderson's account of what happened.

“They’re not taking any responsibility for this whatsoever,” Anderson stated.

She revealed that doctors will wait to see if Dustin’s eyes correct themselves before deciding if surgery is needed.

Watch the Fox 26 report above.

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