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Harvard University administrators want the school's secretive all-male clubs to start admitting women as part of the effort to address sexual assaults on campus. 

The WSJ reported:

Undergraduate leaders of the clubs, whose members have included Roosevelts and Kennedys, were told at a meeting with Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana late last month that they had until April 15 to decide whether to go coed, or face unknown consequences, according to multiple students who attended the meeting. The request included the newer all-female clubs as well, they said.

Undergraduate and alumni representatives from all-male and all-female clubs met with Mr. Khurana again for nearly three hours Wednesday night, pressing him for details of potential sanctions against members of groups that don’t go coed, according to two attendees. One of those attendees said his responses were “noncommittal”; the other called them “nonspecific.”

Meantime, a leader of one such club apologized after writing a letter arguing that allowing women members could increase sexual assaults on campus. 

“Forcing single gender organizations to accept members of the opposite sex could potentially increase, not decrease the potential for sexual misconduct," Charles Storey wrote.

Storey, president of Harpoon Brewery and graduate board president of the 225-year-old Porcellian Club, later clarified that he had "chosen his words poorly."

"This failure has led to extreme and unfortunate misinterpretations, which were not my intentions at all," he said in his apology.

The Outnumbered hosts discussed whether the effort aimed at single-gender clubs, a centuries-old tradition on Ivy League campuses, is worthwhile as a way to decrease sexual assaults.

Eboni Williams said it seems like some want "gender distinctions" to be eliminated across society.

"Men and women function differently. That is the reality," she said. 

Sandra Smith said that these clubs are private, not run by the university, and should be able to admit whomever they choose.

Watch the segment above.

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