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Former NRA President David Keene appeared on "Varney & Co." today to react to Hillary Clinton's comments about holding gunmakers liable for shootings.

At a campaign event in North Carolina on Sunday, Clinton said, "I will do everything I can to make sure gunmakers and sellers are accountable just like any other business in our country."

"Mrs. Clinton always gets it wrong," Keene told Stuart Varney, explaining that the gun industry should indeed be responsible for defective products, but not for the misuse of a legal product.

He compared it to holding Ford Motor Company accountable for the actions of crazed or inebriated drivers.

Keene added that it would be extremely difficult for Clinton to do what she's saying, accusing her of merely pandering to the anti-gun branch of her party during the primary race.

"But she's setting herself up for a very tough race in the fall because there are ... millions upon millions of Americans - not all Republicans, not all conservatives, many independents, many Democrats - who take the Second Amendment seriously."

"She's courting real danger with this kind of an effort."

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