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A pet guinea pig named Rodney was rescued and treated with oxygen after a fire broke out in a Florida home.

While Polk County firefighters conducted their sweep of the home in Mulberry, they spotted a cage containing Rodney.

Without hesitating, Fireman John Williams grabbed the cage and brought Rodney out of harm's way.

Rescue workers determined that Rodney had inhaled a lot of smoke and was in need of oxygen and water.

They didn't have an oxygen mask made for rodents on hand, so they improvised and used one for dogs.

Kristi Waller reported to Today that Rodney is doing fine and "back to his spoiled little self."

She thanked the firefighters for saving Rodney and minimizing the fire's destruction to her home, writing on Polk County's Fire Rescue's Facebook page.

"I want to, personally, thank you for saving my Rodney (the ginea pig) and what you could of my house. You were all such gentleman! Understanding that this is your job, and you see such things on a regular basis, you were all so sensitive to my family's situation, and offered to help in any way possible. Thank you all! You should be proud of what you do, and I will forever be thankful to you in my thoughts and prayers!"

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