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A road rage incident between a driver and several motorcyclists led to a fight and, ultimately, a woman pulling out a gun in the middle of traffic, and it was all caught on a biker's helmet camera.

The dramatic footage was captured on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa, Florida, according to Fox 13.

The video, posted on YouTube on April 8, shows a red BMW changing lanes in front of a motorcycle as the motorcycle tries to pass. The motorcyclist angrily swats the car as he passes by and then speeds off.

The car eventually catches up to the motorcyclist and several of his fellow bikers. As all the vehicles approach a traffic light, the driver of the car gets out and exchanges words with the bikers.

The driver then steps in front of one of the motorcycles, blocking its path, yelling at the bikers to stay right there.

As they exchange words, two motorcyclists suddenly begin punching the driver.

A female passenger in the BMW exits, pointing a gun at the bikers and screaming for them to stop.

That's when the motorcyclists get on their bikes and ride away, and the video ends.

Fox 13 reported that none of the people in the video have been identified. Officials have not said whether they are investigating the incident.

Watch the insane helmet-cam footage above.

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