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Twitter has abruptly ended an ad campaign on their platform that was advocating gun rights in California.

The ad in question was a petition sponsored by the Coalition for Civil Liberties, asking users to get behind their Second Amendment campaign versus Lt.Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Today, that was cut off, the organization wrote.

When they asked Twitter for the reason, the company simply cited “bad business practices,” the group’s digital strategy director, Dave McCulloch, told The Daily Caller. They did not provide further explanation.

Charles Payne noted that Twitter “has done a terrible job at stopping ISIS – but now they go after the Second Amendment.”

Jan Morgan, owner of “The Gun Cave” indoor firing range, also weighed in on Making Money.

“These are private companies,” she said. “And even though I don’t like it, they do have a right to determine how their airspace, their cyberspace is being utilized. And if they want to make an ideological attack against guns or gun rights or anything related to the Second Amendment, that’s certainly within their right.”

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