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The Kappa Alpha fraternity at Tulane University recently upheld an annual tradition of building a sandbag wall around its fraternity house.

But this year, they added a political touch by tagging the wall with “Make America Great Again” and “Trump” in huge, spray-painted letters.

Shortly after the wall was erected, a video began circulating showing a group of young men, allegedly Tulane football players, dismantling the wall.

The video shows the football players angrily pulling down and throwing the sandbags, while fraternity members ask them to stop, saying that they are on private property.

In a statement emailed to The College Fix, the fraternity said, "Our chapter takes KA’s values of gentlemanly conduct very seriously. This respect extends to every student of Tulane and every member of the broader community."

"The comment was written on a makeshift wall on our private property, normally used for a game of capture the flag, to mock the ideologies of a political candidate. This had an unintended negative effect and as such it has been dismantled."

Watch the raw video of the incident below.

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