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Trump Spox: 'Anti-Donald Trump Movement' Behind 'Rigged' Nomination Process

During a special "Hannity" interview in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump said the delegate system is corrupt on both sides of the aisle.

"It's run by the politicians," the GOP frontrunner said. "It's run by the machines on both sides. ... In the Republican case...you win in Pennsylvania and you get 17 delegates, and 35 or 40 or whatever the number may be, so many can go to somebody that didn't even win. ... The people's vote doesn't mean that much. It's really bad." 

Trump also said he's been getting some surprising offers of endorsement from politicians "at the highest levels," including opponents that he's overcome in the Republican nominating contest.

"You'll see names coming out, fairly soon, of people endorsing me who you won't even believe at the highest levels."

 He dismissed Republican insiders like Karl Rove and Mitt Romney who Sean Hannity said would like to find a new candidate to "circumvent" the current field.

"Who's a fresher face than me?" he quipped.

Hannity said he's a little concerned that the Republican contest has been so divisive that it may open the door for Hillary Clinton to win the election.

Trump said that the Party will unify under him and they will beat Clinton "very badly."

He said that he would not reveal the nickname yet that he's come up with for her. He promised to unveil it on Hannity's show in about a month.

"I'd like to use 'Lyin', but we've already used it for Ted ... We have a pretty good one, I think. We'll try it out here first, in about a month."

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