9-Month-Old Baby Kidnapped, Rescued by Deputy and Police Officer

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Three young kids were found abandoned in a Dallas home infested with feces, rodents and rotting food, police said.

Child Protective Services have since taken custody of the children, aged 8, 6 and 5.

Officials say their mom’s boyfriend, Marvin Haynes, left to bring her to work on Monday and never returned, according to Fox 4.

He has been arrested for abandonment and endangering a child with intent to return.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the children “told officers that they really had not eaten all day and that they only get breakfast if they go to school.”

“Officers also discovered that the children, who all had head lice, had not bathed in several days.

Officers said the walls were covered in dirt and bugs. The children told police that rats live in the hallway and the kitchen, according to the warrant.

The officers found animal waste in the room where the children sleep as well as an open folding knife, metal darts and two bottles of beer.

In the closet of another room, police found two unsecured BB guns.”

The children told authorities that they’re often left at home alone while their mother is at work.

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