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A cow in East Setauket, New York has become the subject of a contentious debate.

Bob Benner has owned Benner's Farm since 1977. He says he bought Minnie the cow two years ago in Ohio, specifically to serve as a meat cow for his farm.

Now, the farmer’s plan to slaughter Minnie to provide food for his family is being chastised by protesters – who have started a fierce online petition, and say they were “led to believe that this was a resident cow.”


“There’s plenty of pictures on their Facebook where they call Minnie family. You don’t slaughter family,” one protester, John Di Leonardo, told CBS 2.

Benner and his wife told local media that the demonstrators are infringing on their way of life.

“The people that are trying to impose their values on us do not live here. We’re talking about a national group of people who have a direction – they’re trying to tell us how to live,” he told TBR News Media.

“Why would I send her to live in sanctuary someplace with no reason for being? Her reason for being is to be a meat animal,” added Benner’s wife, Jean.

"That’s what she was born to be."

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