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An Idaho couple was stunned when they discovered that a total stranger had suddenly moved in to their home.

Renea and Brian Prindle moved out of their house in December and are in the process of selling it.

When they noticed that someone had apparently moved in to the residence without their knowledge, they went to the police.

Incredibly, they were told that they were the ones who had to vacate the property.

The Prindles spoke to Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends" this morning about their ongoing legal battle to get their home back.

Renea explained that when officers showed up to confront the trespassing woman, she produced a lease agreement - which Renea says anyone could get off the Internet.

The woman claimed that she called a number in an advertisement for rental properties and paid a man $1,500. Therefore, she says, she has a right to stay.

Renea said that the Nampa Police Department said they’re not investigating the matter because it is a civil issue rather than a criminal issue.

Brian Prindle said that they are in the process of trying to evict the woman as landlords, despite the fact that they have no lease with her.

"It's definitely working in her favor," Renea said. "We've been hearing more and more cases coming through social media that this is happening all around us, all across the country, and people need to be aware of it."

Later on the show, Bob Massi - host of the Fox News weekend show Property Man - gave us his take on the situation. He said the police should have cited the woman for trespassing if the couple produced the title to the house.

"If they get a citation for trespassing from the cops, most reasonable people are gonna get the heck out of that place," he said.

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